Monday, July 18, 2011

I love summer!

Just a few fun memories this summer  so far :)

What beautiful women there was in our bible study! I love these ladies they have blessed my life so much.

Paddle boats with Faith and Melissa when she came back in town. She and Lans are home for the summer in Texas. We miss them so much! Can't wait till they come back!

John Michael had my birthday all planned out. He is so thoughtful. He got a few fun little gifts and some money for garage sales together early the next day. The whole day was just so wonderful! After garage sales we went on a picnic with my parent at Saylorville Lake. We grilled out and then threw the frisbee! We then came home and got ready for dinner at Cheesecake Factory. After that my family and some friends surprised me at our house with cake ice cream then a movie to follow. What a fun day! 

Us at Saylorville :)
A pic of the yard sale me and my friend Sarah Ehambe put on! We had a blast hanging out and meeting people. We even served fruit punch and lemonade!

                                                      Jm giving one of our favorite little girls, Mari- (our friend Faith's daughter) a high five at panda express's GRAND OPENING!

 This was at the car wash we put on at our church for our outreach group. We love hugs. :)

Audrey and I before the 4th of July parade! Love you Audderpop!!!

One of my friends Sarah Ehambe and I.  I love this girl! We are on the arc getting ready for the parade. 

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